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Reiki is an ancient healing technique rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese theologian, in the 19th century. It is a form of therapy where the practitioner channels healing energy into the patient.

In Japanese the word Reiki means “Universal Life Energy”. “Rei” describes its boundless aspects and “Ki” is the vital force that flows through all living beings.

Reiki is a specific energy that triggers our own healing systems to work to their fullest potential. It works on the different levels of mind, body and spirit. Reiki energy goes directly to where it is most needed for the receiver, and can help bring all aspects of the receiver’s being back into balance.

The process is a simple yet powerful one, not based on any religious beliefs, that allows the healing energy of the Universe to flow to wherever it is needed in the receiver.



Seichem (pronounced say-keem) works in the same way as Reiki, with hands placed on the body, but in addition the hands may be working in the aura which surrounds the body. It is reputedly one of the healing arts practised in ancient Egypt. Reiki is one of the four elemental rays which make up Seichem – earth (Reiki), water, air and fire.

Seichem connects with our higher selves to establish healing in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The energy is used to trigger healing and stimulate personal development and growth. Spellings of the word differ but it always means power in a spiritual sense.

Chakras (wheels in Sanskrit) are energy centres located in specific parts of the body. As part of the treatment the chakras are brought back to a balanced flow. Essential oils can be used on specific chakras to enhance the effects of the treatment.

What Happens in a Treatment

What happens in the treatment?

Receiving Reiki and Seichem can have a soothing,refreshing and balancing effect on the whole being. It can work onthe underlying causes of an illness or imbalance as well as the symptoms. The Reiki treatment is carried out with the client lying on a massage couch.
It is a non-invasive treatment where the client remains fully clothed.

The practitioner places their hands either directly on the body or just above different areas of the body in the receiver’s energy field or aura. The treatment usually starts with the head and works down towards the feet. The receiver may experience feelings of warmth, coolness or tingling as the healing energy is channeled into you. The treatment is 60 minutes long.

There are no side effects with Reiki. It affects each person differently but it always acts wherever the receiver needs it most.